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The One Pillow

The One Pillow

Fix Your Sleep, Fix Your Life!

  • The Cleanest Pillow: Did you know dirt, skin cells and bacteria are trapped inside normal pillows? That’s why we use copper-infused memory foam as a shield against germs and allergies
  • No More Tossing and Turning: Stabilizes your head from the first try guaranteed
  • Quality Rest: Start with THE ONE Pillow for quality rest. A luxurious choice without the $1,000 mattress commitment
  • Stay Cool: Say goodbye to night sweats with our airports that ensure fresh airflow
  • Standard American Size: 20” x 26”, 4" inches tall and a comfortable medium firmness


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    "This pillow is awesome and the size is just right. Totally better than expected! Soft and conforming, I get why they say it provides a deeper sleep. Will order a few more for my family."

    William P.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    Purchased for my daughter who was always complaining that she feels too hot during the night. Now when she sleeps, she feels much more comfortable and cooler

    Mia B.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    Very comfortable. I bought this pillow because the one I had was causing me to wake up every morning with neck pain and headaches. I was impressed with this pillow, as it stopped my neck pain!

    Abigail M.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    "I feel like I’ve been on a pillow quest since ever. I’ve been ordering many pillows throughout the years and I have to say I am a very picky person, because I suffer from neck issues. This is finally it!"

    Emily H.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    I was a little nervous because you never know for sure what pillow to buy. These pillows are simply amazing!! My sleep improved immediately and I love the fact that it keeps my head cool.

    Amelia N.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    I absolutely love this! I can’t even remember the last time I slept so well and it’s been years since I got a full 8 hours without interruption. Never going back to my traditional pillow.

    Maureen K.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    "This product is fantastic! I'm giving it 5 stars. It's amazing because it prevents me from waking up multiple times at night. I used to suffer from neck pain and after two months of using this pillow, I'm finally pain-free."


    DeeperSleep Customer

    Great, comfortable, I sleep like a baby


    DeeperSleep Customer

    I absolutely love this! I can’t even remember the last time I slept so well.

    Ava T.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    "THE ONE Pillow is an absolute lifesaver for hot sleepers like me! It's got some kind of magical cooling technology that keeps my head and neck feeling nice and cool all night long. Honestly, I don't know how I slept without it before. If you're a hot sleeper too, you gotta try this pillow!"

    Erin S.

    DeeperSleep Customer

    It took a couple of days to get used to this pillow but after that, I would never try another one again. Awesome pillow!!!


    DeeperSleep Customer

    A must-have for sure!


    DeeperSleep Customer

    Our Promise To you

    The only pillow that perfectly stabilizes your head and neck throughout the night to get the deepest sleep possible:

    Allergy-Free Nights

    Experience uninterrupted sleep without allergies blocking your nose and waking you up.

    Nervous System

    You will no longer deal with brain fog and fatigue during the day

    Deeper Sleep

    You will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

    Coolmax Technology

    Your head, neck and shoulders will stay cool throughout the night

    Designed For Deep Sleep

    Need Better Rest?

    You don't have much time to sleep and when you do it, you do it poorly. Having the wrong pillow is the surest way to mess up your sleep.

    • A pillow that is too soft will cause neck pain
    • A pillow that is too hard will make your head roll uncomfortably
    • A pillow that traps heat will disrupt sleep quality

    Good sleep starts with the moment you lay your head on the right pillow. Meet "THE ONE" by Deeper Sleep™ – the pillow that cradles your head reduces tossing and turning and ensures you get enough hours of refreshing sleep.

    Designed by Ex-Insomniacs

    Ready to Prioritize Quality Sleep?

    We are a team of ex-insomniacs determined to fix your sleeping problems. As a small group of eight, each of us has faced sleep struggles and decided to prioritize better sleep for everyone. We're here to provide you with the quality rest you truly deserve.

    Between the 8 of us, we probably read more books on sleep than a lot of the doctors out there and tested over 100 pillows. A study conducted internationally showed that medical students in the US and Australia get a measly 3 hours of education on sleep in all of their years of training. They barely even consider it when making health recommendations - sleep is treated really poorly and that leads to a lot of poor sleep.

    After countless hours of reading, testing every sleep product, and consulting with experts, we've dedicated ourselves to solving sleep issues, especially deep restorative sleep.

    THE ONE pillow is specially designed to help you recover from sleepless nights and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

    No More Disruption

    Get Restorative Sleep

    • Breathe freely: wave goodbye to dealing with a clogged nose during sleep and enjoy open airways throughout the entire night.
    • Bright eyes: wake up with refreshed eyes, without itchiness and dryness.
    • Backache relief: leave behind morning backaches and start your days with renewed energy.
    • Neck pain freedom: let go of neck pain and welcome deep relaxation instead.

    Advanced CoolMax Technology

    Studies show that the body temperature must drop a degree in order to peacefully fall asleep. Unless this happens, the body finds it difficult to drift off.

    Get Your Cool Pillow

    Most Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers

    What size is THE ONE pillow?

    The pillow is Standard American size, 20" x 26"

    Where are you shipping to?

    At this time, we only ship to the United States. 

    What if something arrives damaged? Who can I contact? 

    If the product you received is damaged or you received the incorrect item, don’t sweat it. We are here to fix both your sleeping and order problems. Take a deep breath, email us at and we will immediately come up with a solution. We are determined to help you get  the most restorative sleep for your brain and your body. For your request to be processed faster, please send us the following: 

    • Your full name 
    • The order number 
    • Details of the fault or damage (including a photograph of the damaged or faulty area of the item)
    What is your return policy?

    We want your experience with THE ONE pillow to be worry-free.
    If THE ONE doesn't feel like the perfect match, just email us within 60 calendar days. We guarantee a full refund. You just need to reach us at
    Our dedicated support team will send you a return label for you to send the pillow back free of charge.
    Give THE ONE at least 30 days. Your body might need time to adjust. After 30 days, if you still want to return it, don’t sweat it. We are one email away. Our return policy recommends that returned pillows should be clean and undamaged. We do this to donate and stay committed to sustainability, reducing waste. We believe in responsible consumption and giving back to the community.

    Hurry up and register for the most relaxing sleep of your life!

    Why is THE ONE Pillow the key to deeper sleep?

    Your tossing and turning in bed at night will stop. THE ONE Pillow is the only pillow that has been tested to anatomically cradle your head and allow your neck and back muscles to relax. It is the only pillow with a specially designed inner pattern, softer on the inside and firmer on the outside, that cradles your head and keeps it stable for long enough, so you can maximize the amount of restful sleep.

    THE ONE’s copper-infused pattern makes sure your pillow does not become the playground for fungi and mites.You will no longer sweat during your night’s sleep.

    THE ONE Pillow has a cooling surface on its outer shell plus cooling ports built into it that will allow air to travel and not cause overheating.

    How does THE ONE Pillow help with lowering the temperature of the body? 

    Experts show that cooling the head using a pillow with a cooler surface reduces sweating and cools the body overall, allowing them to fall asleep easily and sleep better. 

    THE ONE Pillow lets the air travel through it with a cooling surface that allows your body to gently drift into a deep, restorative sleep. It is perfect even for people who dislike being cold during the night. You can still snuggle under your fluffy duvet while having the key areas of your body - head, neck and shoulders -  cooled. 

    Why is THE ONE the ultimate solution to groggy mornings?

    By stabilizing your body and your head when sleeping, THE ONE helps you squeeze the most restful sleep out of every second you get in bed. You will wake up feeling recharged and ready to jump out of bed every morning.

    Why should I replace the old pillow with THE ONE?

    The ONE’s copper-infused pattern makes sure your pillow does not become a playground for fungi and mites. If your old pillow has been sitting on your bed longer than you can remember, most likely it’s not only misshapen and compacted but also full of an entire ecosystem of its own.

    Can I wash THE ONE in my washing machine? How do I care for the pillow?

    We hope that you’ve had a pleasant experience finding THE ONE and that you two are definitely getting along. In order to keep the spark in the relationship and enjoy endless nights of restful sleep, please keep in mind that our specially designed pillow is not washable. THE ONE comes with a care tag in the box, which contains all the instructions you need to keep your pillow clean and in good shape for a long time.

    Does THE ONE require any assembly on my part?

    No, all you have to do is take it out of the package and let it rest on your bed for a couple of hours before letting it cradle your head into the deepest sleep of your life.